Spinehold Monastery was founded in 985YK, during the final years of the Last War. Officially an ancient tome repository, its true purpose was to serve as orphanage and prison to the Childen of Spinehold.


Spinehold Monastery was founded and constructed near the Dragons Teeth, an ancient eldritch gateway to Vol’s Fortress of Regret. Known to exist by only a few, the Monastery served a dual purpose: to protect the children from the world, and to protect the world from them. Each of the children had been given the Sacrament of Blood by Malevanor, binding their blood and soul to Vol, and their very survival was called into question. Cooler heads prevailed, however, and it was decided to let each of them grow to adulthood with a close watch kept.


The monastery was a joint effort by two kingdoms that were technically at war


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