Children of Spinehold

Synopsis so far

Courtesy of Nate:

Very truncated session history of the Children of Spinehold campaign.

1 12/17/2004 Orphanage attacked by bad guys and destroyed. A year later become level 1

2 Sent to rescue some bitch. We whooped up on some guys and some of us got beat down.

3 We got on a boat and went to an island. We beat some pirate’s ass

4 3/4/2005 Got betrayed by the bitch we thought we were rescuing. Bitch has been killed. Went back and got paid.

5 4/9/2005 Picked up a book, got stoned to read it. Learned of location of Silver Flame artifact in abandoned temple

6 Prepared for expedition to abandoned temple. Traveled half way there.

7 Arrived at the temple, after many traps and a conversation with a half orc, the book has been revealed.

8 5/13/2005 Tracked down the artifact (mace of disruption). Nearly died. Got some rare coins and faced undead once again

9 5/27/2005 Gave the mace to the church, went to meet strykar at Vathirond, nearly died, nearly kidnapped, found out the truth about spinehold (prison?! GRR!)

10 6/10/05 Met the keeper, and Targis. Escaped from Silver Flame. Introduction of Jon’s second character.

11 6/24/05 Went to meet a sphinx and got some clues.

12 8/05/05 Elvis’s first character, Ralph, died and was made undead ; Jin’s head nearly flew off. Got Deathbane back from kitty cat.

13 9/7/05 Introduction of Elvis’s second character, Jack. Traveled to the land o’ monsters, trimmed the bush

14 Visited les trois hags, Jin promised favor, and went to Wroat for Jin.

15 12/3/2005 Enlisted as Blade Marks and cleared a mine of undead for king

16 12/17/2005 Escorted playwright to Sharn from Wroat via air ship. Retrieved Deathbane. Shadow joins party.

17 12/24/2005 Whooped up on the dragon from below’s cult leader guy and got some dragon shards.

18 12/30/2005 Went to the Necropolis of Sharn and whacked Stone, nearly died, nearly kidnapped ; CL8

19 01/06/2006 Went back to get the chassis, walked past vol’s necro and restored Stone’s original personality.

20 01/13/06 Jin recalled by sisters. HALO jumped to crag, deployed to slay rebel troll warlord, killed three trolls, continues

21 01/21/06 Shadow got dead. Final encounter was fucked up, had to ishmala after big baddy hit Kai with an AC of 31, on a roll of 7. Fuck that.

22 02/03/06 Jon’s next character, Onyx, introduced. Party is after three legacy weapons. Jin attacked party members. William nearly died. Onyx nearly killed by gaze attack.

23 02/11/06 Kai and Will barely survive a vampire and get whelm. Party went down “moon” and killed giant crab for Wave. Targis almost died.

24 02/26/06 Went down the river side, went through the inverted ziggurat, killed lots of stuff, got Black Razor. Jin almost died. Egress-ed and fell into Doc’s lab, smote him (after he dropped a fire ball on us). He was using the blood of Spine Hold children. We recovered and properly burned their corpses. Returned to Sharn with prisoner and phat lootz, and some bitch wants to marry Will. CL9 (I think)

25 03/18/06 Wild night in Sharn. Dude’s daughter kidnapped, stuff stolen and a jail break. Saved Baron from crashing train. Recovered all. No one dropped but Kai was almost killed after some confusion about sneaking vs not sneaking.

26 04/08/06 Message from Stryker. Krozen is a cat. Deploy to get proof. Kai nearly drops to first encounter. Jin at -9 facing Krozen. Confusion about “blessed crossbow bolts” in 3.5. Evaced with proof. Flamers now attacking druids harboring Voice.

Hiatus, and apparently no one else will keep track of stuff, so I’ll start again. Forum- Escape the druid camp, captured by Undying. Escape from Vol’s punks. Much pomp and posturing by Undying court, deploy us after “trial” to recover agent searching for Soul Forge.

27 – Travel to Stormreach, airship sold us out to Vol, fight Malev and E-Stryke, blow up airship and crash land. Kai dies saving Onyx from large craaaab people (person). Jin, with dubious wisdom god calls for a raise dead to save Kai. Whole party almost dies a-fucking-gain to undead drowning aura. Got to stormreach.

28/29 8/12/06 – Stormreach, hunt down gang that captured agent, recover agent from inspired, new year’s eve rains dragon shard, get perfect shard, fight off mob of people. Start looking for soul forge location markers. Go to first marker, nearly get ass kicked by web golems.

30 9/02/06 – Go to second marker, kill land shark, make friends with stone giants, fight inspired again, nearly died. Recover some magical items (for the first time, like, EVER). CL10

31 09/10/06 – Go to third marker. William nearly eaten by worm, make deal with white dragon to off three fire giants. Killed all three giants using their vices against them. Killed mummy fire giant getting to the marker. Kai almost died twice, but killed one giant in one blow (coup de gras). Everyone else was pretty much fine. Got much loot and a reward from the dragon.

32 09/24/06 – Went to soul forge. Kai was taken hostage and nearly killed along the way. Jin impetuously attacked drow before discussion. Twice. Got “undone” killed blood golem. Got some new gear.

33 10/15/06 – Got back, dispatched to Little Tomb of Horrors. Much absurdity ensues.

33 10/22/06 – Continued the LToH. Targis lost his equipment. CL11

34 10/29/06 – Finished LToH. Burned the adventure, litterally. We shall never speak of it again.

35 11/12/06 – Trying to help Drunna. Made deal with king to rescue moving castle stolen by warforged. Recover castle.

36 11/19/06 – Speak with Drunna. Figgure out parasite went to dark lantern, track him, track next victim, take him back to king, implicate emmissary and free Drunna. Jin learns Truth. Kai almost dies to another non-deatheffect deatheffect.

37 12/03/06 – Travel to the Eldeen Reaches to investigate druid problem for Targis. Encounter and kill a black dragon. Find cause of shadowy corruption was druid from Spinehold being manipulated by a creature from the plane of shadow. Manage to kill the creature, free the druid. Nobody real near death experiences, but some close calls. Kai almost entirely useless.

38 12/17/06 – Travel to Arcanics for Onyx to get spells. Go to Wroat to talk to king about land grant and nobility for Kai. Go to spinehold to survey, and back to Wroat again.

39 12/31/06 – Targis Jin and Kai travel to Flamekeep in secret to meet with loyal cardinals and inform them of the Keeper’s imminent return. Kai plants bugs for the Dark Lanterns. Party returns to Wroat. CL12 between now and next.

40 1/14/07 – Kai becomes noble. Party is ambushed by assassin. Defeat him and find his handler, he was hired by nobleman. Send guys head to noble. Send assassin home. Meet Inquisitor in Sharn. Rescue prince next week.

41 1/21/07 – Party goes to rescue missing prince. Kai goes insane. Continues.

42 1/28/07 – Party defeats several ilithid/thralls. Rescues Prince. Much rejoicing.

43 2/11/07 – Party got Jaela back into Flamekeep. Kai dies. Targis combat rezed her. Destroyed arch bitchaphant. Took for ever. For. Ev. Er. Mental note: Grapple the casters. Stat.

44 3/11/07 – Party goes to planar observatory to talk to guy about using the dragons crown to assault Vol. Many puzzles. Some Devils. Cont…

45 3/25/07 – ...Cont. Solve puzzles and long fight with inevitable. Talk to dude and go home. Deck of many things. Will’s soul is now trapped elsewhere.

46 4/08/07 – Go to the fortress of reget with tons of NPC back up. Prince dies three times (but left alive). Druna died twice. Mograine died. Stryker was killed. Kia was killed. Jack’s artificer was killed. Kai’s hand flew off and attacked shit. We grappled the shit out of Vol and beat her down Rodney King style. Most exit by word of recall. Jack William and Kai are riding back on Foxfire the green dragon who smote her father a second time.

Score Cards Pseudo Death? 1 Chris

Near Deaths 13 Nate 4 Mike 3 Chris 2 Biggs 2 Jon 1 Elvis

Deaths 2 Nate

Perm Deaths 1 Elvis 1 Jon

Retired Characters 2 Jon 1 Elvis

Betrayals 1 Jon .5 Elvis

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