Kai Ir'Fey

Kai is a young woman with trust issues and a cunning tactical mind


Charisma 10
Strength 12
Dexterity 22
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Normal AC 36
Touch AC 19
Flat AC 30
HP 62
Init 10
Rapier (of Speed 1) +17 +12 1d62 Hard 12 Hit 32 + Scabbard of keen edge
Deathbane (Hvy mace of disruption & undead bane 1) +12 +7 1d82 Hard 12 Hit 30 (should be more)
Lt Crossbow 16 1d8
Fort 12
Reflex 18
Will 9
Glamored Mithral Chain shirt of Death Ward 4
Mithral Shield 2+x
Ring of Protection +x
Ring of Ram
Cloak of Resistance +x


Kai Fey was raised by monks in an orphanage at the Monastery of Spinehold. After the tragic events that unfolded there, she and her fellow orphans began adventuring with the goal of vindicating themselves. Little did they know how much it would cost them.

She and her friends recovered a silver flame artifact called Deathbane and she began to bind herself to it.

After many adventures, Kai had proven herself a master tactician. She got the attention of the Brelish nobles when she and her friends rescued prince Aejar from illithids. This lead to her becoming a noble and a romance with the prince. Kai constructed a keep at the site of the old monastery, happy to be away from court where her less than perfect personality stressed her social graces.

After executing a plot to return the keeper of the flame to power, Kai and her companions assaulted Vol’s fortress and slew her. Finally at peace, Kai is happy to raise a family with her prince, and govern over her people as best she can.

Kai Ir'Fey

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